The Challenge
Daimler Fleet Management (DFM) needed to increase leads, sales and maximise retention opportunities. Although DFM has a strong heritage within the fleet industry, they and their competitors use very similar communications with no creative differentiation. They needed to stand our from the crowd and be more relatable to Fleet Managers in order to achieve their goals.

The Solution
The brand was repositioned as a high performance fleet mobility partner and personal fleet coach. A refreshed identity used the DNA of the existing brand, but reflected the new, more contemporary proposition. The ‘Fleet Fit’ campaign gave us the opportunity to develop a new approach to DFM’s marketing and communications. This included the roll out of various sub campaigns across print and social media, providing target audiences with information around the latest offers, tips and insights, as well as improving knowledge on things such as marginal gains and Electric Vehicles.
Concepts / Storyboard / Animation / Landing Page / Social Media Advertising / Merchandise
/ Printed Brochure / Leaflet / Posters 

Work completed at Clarity
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